36 Halloween Mason Jars – Halloween Craft Ideas Using Mason Jars

Okay, we admit it. We’re more than a little obsessed with crafting mason jars. The attaching little glass pitcher is not only a must-have for canning and marinating food, but it’s also an incredibly versatile tool for DIY projects. And there might not be another more perfect time of year to make mason jars than Halloween. With a little ingenuity and a little skill, you can inexpensively transform the beloved container into a ruffling (or maybe just super cute) drink carafe, candle holder, soap dispenser and more. even more. We’ve even collected some delicious recipes that serve up Halloween treats in mason jars. And of course, if you’re just looking for some cool DIY Halloween decorations, we’ve found some ideas for that as well.

Want to spend some quality time with the kids while you work on your DIY Halloween Mason jars? You will find more ideas that make the best Halloween crafts for all ages. Just brace yourself – we’ve rounded up so many fun and creative projects that you might end up as obsessed with making mason jars for Halloween as we are. If you can manage to tear yourself away from these projects, be sure to check out our awesome DIY Halloween DIY Halloween DIY wreaths, DIY Halloween masks, and DIY Halloween costumes for women.

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20 fall craft ideas to celebrate the fall season

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Practical projects are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Whether it’s celebrating all the scary things with Halloween kits or rejoicing with Christmas presents, a little DIY can make a holiday season even more fun, especially in the fall.

Filled with pumpkin spice and all that is sweet, fall is quickly climbing the ranks to become the most popular time of year. In order to take full advantage of all that fall has to offer, we’ve rounded up a collection of crafts that demonstrate what makes the season so special, whether you’re brewing your own apple cider, making a chunky knit blanket, or even grow your own coffee for a comfortable day.

What are you waiting for? Take a leaf from our book and celebrate fall with these fall DIY kits!

Make fall even more fun with these festive fall crafts.

Sign painting kit

Make your own felt woody wreath kit

Quilting Learning Kit

Felted pumpkins

Autumn embroidery

DIY hard cider

Festive rolling pin

Embroidered Pumpkin Hat Kit

Colorful tree

DIY hedgehog doll

Secret garden Exercise book

Felted Woodland Creatures

Blank sheets of wood

DIY candle making

Fall foliage needle felting kit

Fox crochet kit

Coffee to grow

Knit blanket kit

Fall Clipart

Pumpkin Twine Art Kit

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18 easy Thanksgiving crafts for adults

Crafting is a super calming activity, and it takes you away from your phone! Besides being a fun and relaxing way to spend your free time, it can help save you money on seasonal decorating. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to harness your DIY skills. Not to mention, Thanksgiving crafts can make great party activities for adults as well. So whether you still need Thanksgiving table essentials or are just looking for a fall diversion, these DIY and craft projects for adults will do the trick. If you like gold accents, try gold tipped foil place cards for diners or gold foil napkin rings. Or if you like decorating pumpkins, try making concrete pumpkins or cinnamon pumpkin candles. Do you serve mini cakes for dessert? Trendy Thanksgiving Cakes. No matter what you are looking for or need, there is sure to be an activity on this list that you will love to create and display this year.


Oversized terrarium centerpieces

Want to give your Thanksgiving table an earthy vibe this year? Use one or two oversized terrariums as centerpieces. All you have to do is buy the glass bottles and fill them with your choice of sand and plants!



Marigold garland

For a Thanksgiving decoration that isn’t too overtly themed and doubles as a holiday craft activity, make this marigold garland.

Get the tutorial on Cheetah is the new black.

BUY NOW Floral arrangement kit, $ 18


Grateful Banner

It’s so pretty that you’ll want to leave it on all year round. Glue gun skills are required for this one.

Get the tutorial on Tell, love and party.

BUY NOW Red thread, $ 8


3 tier crown

Between the three-tiered brass ring wreath and the eucalyptus garland, this mantle is ready for its close-up.

Learn How To Make The Raised Thanksgiving Wreath From Sugar & Charm.

BUY NOW Darice brass ring, $ 7


Gold dipped place cards

Take your generic white prints and throw them in the trash. These place cards are beautiful and you can get the kids involved by having them collect leaves in the yard.

Get all the details on Lark & ​​Linen.

BUY NOW Gold spray paint, $ 12


Dried Floral Door Decor

Instead of a wreath, hang a beautiful DIY bouquet from the Cheetah is the new black. It’s a fun Thanksgiving DIY to make on your own while you get your house ready for guests, or as a Friendsgiving party activity.

BUY NOW Peach satin ribbon, $ 7


Fall paper cut lantern

This year your Thanksgiving table will be alight. No one will believe that these are made of paper.

Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith.

BUY NOW Construction paper, $ 13


Braided wire napkin rings

No sewing is required for these pretty pink napkin rings. We love the use of texture and the eucalyptus sprig. You can also replace any greens you have.

See how it’s done at Linen & Twine.

BUY NOW Merino wool yarn, $ 23


Leaf garland

If you can wield a pair of scissors, you can make this leaf garland.

Get the tutorial on A beautiful mess.

BUY NOW Scissors, $ 6


Balloon centerpiece

For a super fun centerpiece, make a table runner with balloons in fall colors. Add faux leaf and berry accents for an elevated touch. Your guests are sure to be impressed!

See more at Sugar and Fabric.

BUY NOW Orange, confetti and white balloons, $ 13


Autumn wine charms

Because seriously, this isn’t a vacation without wine. Make sure everyone knows which glass is theirs with these adorable charms.

Read Lia Griffith’s steps.

BUY NOW Paint pen, $ 9


Leaf Bowl

Bring the fall foliage indoors with a bowl made of leaves. Fill it with pine cones and you’ve reached the drop peak.

Get the tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks.

BUY NOW Modge Podge, $ 13


Napkin rings

These gold foil napkin rings look very expensive, but they’re actually the result of clay, fresh leaves, spray paint, and super glue.

See how it’s done at Sugar and Fabric.

BUY NOW Gold spray paint, $ 12


Table runner sheet of paper

If you want to be really sentimental, write what you’re grateful for on the sheets of this paper centerpiece.

Get the tutorial on Momtastic.

BUY NOW Scissors, $ 10


Thanksgiving Cakes

These cute mini cakes are totally edible. If you don’t plan on serving a cake, you can garnish pies with them or use them to decorate your table.

Get the full tutorial at Alana jones mann.

BUY NOW Gum paste, $ 17


Concrete pumpkins

Is Orange Killing Your Thanksgiving Table Color Palette? If so, you need these insanely chic concrete pumpkins.

Get the tutorial on Sugar and charm.

BUY NOW Concrete paint, $ 8


Pumpkin with glitter polka dots

All you need are glitter and glue to dress up your Thanksgiving gourds.

Learn how to do them at Sugar and Fabric.

BUY NOW Glitter paint, $ 20


Pumpkin Cinnamon Candles

These will make your home smell like pumpkin pie, and that’s all we need to convince.

Get all the details on hello glow.

BUY NOW Soy wax, $ 27

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Troubadour Maltings brings artisan ideas to all stages of brewing – PorchDrinking.com

Craft beer enthusiasts never run out of things to say about the beer they drink. Whether it’s praise for their favorite brewer under the radar, an ode to the specific blend of hops used in their favorite IPA, or their witty tasting notes to add to their Untapped, there’s a myriad of details to discuss when it comes to Craft Beer. With this in mind, beer lovers often overlook one of the most essential components – malt.

Troubadour Malteries in Fort Collins, CO aims to change the underground personality of artisanal malting and, according to their website, “builds bridges between producers and artisans.” Starting in production in 2015, maltsters Chris Schooley and Steve Clark spawned the idea of ​​their business around a beer (as many great ideas begin). With an intimate knowledge of the coffee roasting industry, Schooley brings a passion for individual flavors and uniqueness to their malting game. With a background in chemical engineering and as a passionate home brewer, Clark brings a scientific mind and a passion for the use of malt. Together, they are a dynamic duo who focus on sourcing their beans directly and having an open dialogue with brewers about what qualities they will want or need in beer. At its core, small-batch artisanal malting is all about creating a product that works for the brewer or distiller rather than just filling orders in bulk.

A batch of barley being malted at Troubadour Maltings. Photo by Jaclyn Menendez.

By understanding the source of their grains, Troubadour was able to open the conversation on which varieties of wheat and barley make the best malts for certain situations. A unique example of this is their relationship to the Antero wheat variety. This variety of wheat is well known to Colorado farmers as a high yielding crop, but often does not have the proper protein content in the grain to be used for bread or pasta and therefore can be rejected by granaries. . It turns out that where Antero lacks the mark in breadmaking, he excels at malting. To date, Antero makes up a large portion of the 10 tonnes of malted grain in Troubadour each week and can be found in many local brewery beers including Stodgy Brewing, TRVE, Our Mutual Friend, Baere, Novel Strand, Cerebral, Zwei, Jessup Farm. , Casey Brewing and many more. This is just one of many examples of how Schooley and Clark are trying to bring growers and variety of choice into the equation for brewers.

Darren Cockrell (left) and Chris Schooley (right) discuss the malting process. Photo by Jaclyn Menendez.

Traditionally troubadours were traveling poets and storytellers and this idea is supported by this society trying to bring the history of malting back into brewing. Their scope for malting is focused on bringing art, science and poetry to the process – or, as Schooley would call himself, “a failed poet turned maltster”. So the next time you go to a brewery, try picking a brewer’s brain to find out where their malts come from – you might be surprised at what it takes to find the right ones.

Feature image courtesy of Troubadour Maltings

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DIY Father’s Day Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

Fathers Day is the perfect time to celebrate the special father figure (s) in your life, and what better way to show your love and appreciation than with a thoughtful gift?

The big day is tomorrow, Sunday June 20, so there isn’t much time left for find a gift . Fortunately, all of these craft ideas can be done using common household supplies and a few extra extras that are readily available at most supermarkets.

Why not get the kids involved and make it a fun project for the whole family today?

From a scrapbook filled with happy memories to a jar of fun activities, here are five of the best craft ideas to surprise your dad, including the steps on how to create them.

The best DIY ideas for Father’s Day

Most of these DIY gifts require paper or cards, colored pens, scissors, and glue, but don’t worry as all the required extras are mentioned in the step-by-step guides.

Father’s Day Album

A scrapbook is a classic DIY gift idea, and for good reason. If your dad is a big sweetheart at heart, make him a collection of photos, messages, and memories that he will cherish forever.

All you need is a scrapbook, glue or tape, pens, and whatever else you want to use to fill out the book.

  1. Buy a blank album. You should be able to find it in any large supermarket, or you can visit your local Waterstones or WHSmith for a wider selection.

  2. Print photos and collect old ticket stubs, postcards, or any other significant item and organize them by theme, stage, or year.

  3. For each page, or spread, choose a key photo and accompanying stickers, posts or messages. Write a title for each page whether you organize it by year or by stage.

  4. Keep filling in the pages until you are done, then add additional decorations. Don’t forget to write a Father’s Day message on the front or back!

Fill out the coupon book

Whether you make a first fathers day gift on behalf of a newcomer, or want something the whole family can get involved in making, this is a great gift idea for any dad.

You can find a range of printable designs online, or you can make your own using colored pens, paper or cardboard, scissors, a hole punch, and string.

  1. Take a sheet of paper or a card and cut it into as many equal rectangles as you want. Feel free to use multiple sheets of paper if you want to color your coupons.

  2. Decorate the front page with a happy Father’s Day message. Add glitter, stickers, or whatever little extras you can find.

  3. Then use a marker to draw dashes around the border of each page to make them look like coupons.

  4. Fill each page with a chore, favor, or something nice for your dad. Some good examples are “I’m going to do the dishes” or “I’m going to walk the dog”.

  5. On the last page, write a funny or sweet message for your dad, then go through and decorate the rest of the pages as you like.

  6. Punch the upper left corner of each coupon and use string to tie them together. When dad wants to use a coupon, he can easily tear it off.

Personalized photo frame

It’s a big fathers day budget craft project to do with the youngest. You just need a picture frame, a picture to put in it, glue, paints, and all the extra decorations you can find around the house.

  1. Take your photo frame (for best results, find a white one with a thicker frame) and paint or color it with permanent markers.

  2. Once dry, use adhesive to attach buttons, gems, rhinestones or sequins to the frame.

  3. Finally, add a special photo for a totally unique gift that your dad is sure to love.

“Dad’s choice” activity pot

This uses a similar idea to the coupon book, but is easier to do as a joint gift. If you don’t have a spare pot in the back of your kitchen cupboard yet, you can easily buy a mason in any supermarket.

  1. Use sheets of colored paper or cardboard to make lots of individual rectangles.

  2. On each piece of paper, write a fun activity or outing for dad. Alternatively, you can also color-code the sheets of paper and add favors or chores to the pot.

  3. Label the jar or use string to tie a label around the top. Dad can then choose a note from the jar to decide what to do together on the weekend.

Handmade fathers day card

Sometimes a card with a really thoughtful message is the best gift you can give.

You can find Father’s Day cards at any supermarket or newsagent, but for a more personal and meaningful card, try making one by hand.

  1. Take an A4 or A5 card (or paper if you don’t have a card) and fold it in half.

  2. Decorate the front using the craft supplies you have at home. Try to paint a beautiful picture or even make a collage from newspapers and magazines.

  3. Don’t forget to add a special Father’s Day message in the card.

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Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

Then, Fathers Day is fast approaching and are you a little strapped for cash? No problem – these cheap, easy and creative crafts will have your pa all foggy eyes (or at least he might crack a smile). Check them! This year is Father’s Day June 20e, 2021!

Perfect photo frame

Nothing says a happy father’s day like a picture of you and dad in a frame that you made yourself.

What do you need:

  • One raw wood frame with a fairly wide border.
  • White glue or a glue gun (ask mom for help if you are using a glue gun – they are hot!).
  • Various nuts, bolts and other parts Equipment.
  • Spray paint (money looks nice).
  • A photo of you and your dad that will look great in the frame.


Take the glass out of the frame. Paste it nuts, bolts and other hardware to the frame. Use yours artistic judgment to decide where they should go. After the glue has dried, spray the entire frame with paint in a well ventilated place that you protected with newspaper (check with mom first). Let the paint dry and insert the glass and the photo of you and your dad. Voila, you are ready! Remember that you can use this technique with things other than hardware. If your dad is a golf fanatic, use golf tees instead!

Decorate a frame to show your daddy how much you love himCourtesy of Fun-A-Day

Custom boxers

What dads love more than wacky boxers? Nothing!

What do you need:

  • White boxer shorts in your dad’s size (ask mom).
  • Different colors of fabric painting (Stay away from glitter and pink unless your dad really likes glitter and pink).


Wear old clothes as you work on this project so you don’t accidentally “decorate” your new Sean Jean sweatshirt. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the fabric paint and use it to draw funny pictures and slogans (“Best dad in the world“is always good) on boxers. Let them dry and you’re done.

Customize your daddy's boxersCustomize your daddy’s boxersCourtesy of Pinterest

DIY mug

If your dad can’t go through the morning without a cup of coffee, this is the gift for him.

What do you need:

  • A plain white mug.
  • Different colors of ceramic paint (available at craft stores).
  • Paint brushes.


Decorate the mug with ceramic paint. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for put on the paint. Normally it is necessary cook the mug in the oven, but the paint must have specific instructions on the packaging.

Design a mug for your daddyDesign a mug for your daddyCourtesy of Busybugs

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Hooded man breaks into Lincoln art store

Lincoln’s bare-handed boxer Nathan ‘The Nightmare’ Decastro has recovered from the darkest place of his life to be in his best shape ahead of the British title fight against Paul Hilz next month.

Nathan is now back in the ring and getting ready for his second unarmed boxing match. It comes after Lincoln’s first world champion boxer career of 100 amateur fights, as well as 16 undefeated professional fights and the WBU and WBF world titles.

His career and his boxing life fell apart in February of last year when he lost his license. He was born with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare condition that causes difficulty seeing at night and loss of peripheral vision, and was caught cheating on eye tests, forcing him to retire.

The 30-year-old got an unexpected opportunity for his first hand-to-hand fight against Romanian Conan Barbaru. He won the fight at Bolton Wanderer football stadium on March 27 of this year and is eager to return to the ring to face Paul Hilz at the O2 Arena in London on September 11.

Nathan feels in the best shape of his life ahead of his UK title fight on September 11, 2021. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan said that after his fight with Conan Barbaru (left) he was physically messy (right) but felt buzzing to be back in the ring. | Photo: Brooklyn Freeman

Nathan said Lincolnite: “I had the impression that life was over (last year) and that I was over. I was in dire straits and suicidal. It wasn’t just my job, it was my career and then suddenly I was told I couldn’t fight anymore.

“I was offered an unexpected boxing match. I took the opportunity because I wanted to do something because boxing had always been my life.

“I trained hard and came in out of the blue and was physically messed up after the fight but felt like I was reliving the life I wanted and started training on time full.

“BKB (bare knuckle boxing) is the fastest growing combat sport on the planet. It hurts more, but I have the same buzz and I have to be smarter on my feet.

“I now feel good and strong. I had the best training camp I have had in a long time and I have a good team around me. A few hundred fans come to Lincoln to support me.

“I just want to thank everyone for their incredible support throughout my dark and good times. They helped my return from depression and I will always be grateful.

“I want to thank all of my fans who make the trip to London, as well as my team and sponsors – Craig Barton (nutrition and wellness), Sam Vickers (strength and conditioning trainer), Healthy Foodhouse, my father, Gaughan Electrical Services Ltd, Garden Gains Ltd and JS Tailoring.

Nathan trains hard before his title fight. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan is convinced he can defeat Paul Hilz at the O2 Arena in London. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan’s fight with Paul Hilz will be the co-main fight behind Gainsborough’s Ricardo Franco, whose Jimmy Sweeney fight is headlining.

Tickets for the fight are still available online here with the code Ndecastro or by calling Daniel Roberts on 07742 490839. Tickets are priced at £ 50 for the fight and £ 20 for anyone wishing to get on the fan coaches .

On Bracebridge Boxing Club and owner Denny Oliver, Nathan added, “This place has kept me on the right track and also out of jail when times got tough.

“Denny has been a father figure to me and many others, and has made professional champions ever since.”

Nathan (right) training with his father and head coach Frank (left). | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

His father and head coach Frank Decastro will be in his corner for his fight and said: “For what he has accomplished in boxing, I take my hat off to him. He lived his childhood dream and proved that if you want something you can do it and I am very proud of him. It’s a father’s dream because I love sports and I saw him achieve his dream.

“Denny has done so much for Nathan and for Lincolnshire, teaching people combat, honesty, trust and integrity. There is so much respect for him from me, Nathan and the others in town. .

Nathan is eager to get back in the ring. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan (right) with Denny Oliver (left), owner of the Bracebridge Boxing Club. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan, who took over Tudor Building & Roofing Services Limited from his father two years ago, has been training at the Bracebridge Boxing Club since he was eight.

Denny Oliver, who opened the club in 1976, has seen him grow into the fighter he is today.

Denny said: “He’s got Bracebridge all through his body and is one of our best fighters and ambassadors ever, I can’t fault the kid a thing.

“I’m worried (about the fight), but I know he will do his best and I’m still confident he will do well.”

Nathan (left) has coached the next generation of fighters, including 13-year-old Hayden. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

After retiring from boxing, Nathan also began training to train the next generation of young fighters, including 13-year-old Travis Dunwell and Hayden.

He is focused on his upcoming fights and said Lincolnite that 2022 will be his last and 20th year in the ring. Before that, he dreams of having an unarmed boxing fight at Lincoln’s LNER Stadium.

Inside the Bracebridge Boxing Club. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan dreams of fighting at LNER Stadium in Lincoln City before the end of his career. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan has been training at the Bracebridge Boxing Club since he was eight years old. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Nathan has one last message before his fight and said: “A disability doesn’t mean you are unable to achieve your dreams, my story proves it.”

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Arts and Crafts Ideas for Stay-at-Home Kids During the Covid-19 Pandemic

(Representative photo: Shutterstock)

Here are some arts and crafts ideas for kids that will keep them engaged for hours.

With schools closed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep your children engaged and there is nothing better than activities that can increase their creative skills while being at home. Here are some arts and crafts ideas for kids that will keep them engaged for hours.

Tattoo Patterned Planter

You can also use temporary tattoo paper if you have a printer at home and can decorate pencil holders, mugs, planters, etc. Children will definitely enjoy this activity by creating designs that match the interior of the room.

Paper Bead Necklaces

Teach your children to use strips of scrapbooking paper to make pretty beads. They can also experiment with magazine clippings or wrapping paper and come up with creative offers.


These are very easy to make and require plates of wire and paper to materialize. To make them glow in the dark the same way as their actual shapes, use acrylic paint for a bright bio look.

Paper planes

The charm of paper plans will be eternal. Watch your children’s imaginations soar with just a fold of paper. Make cardboard targets to make the challenge more interesting.

Luminous pot

Have your children use a set of glow sticks and illuminate the jars with colored lighting

Paper wristbands

There are two creative activities in this craft, the first of which is painting symbolic shapes using watercolors, then cutting the paper into strips and folding them into wearable art.

Foam paint

This craft involves a combination of art and science. Foam paint which becomes stiff overnight can be used to create beautiful patterns and puffy works of art.

Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are back in trend and you can teach your kids to make herringbone, wave, spiral staircase and much more and also experiment with different color combinations.

Read all the latest news and breaking news here

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Closure of the national art store

There is five decades of history among the rows of art supplies and photo frames at the National Art Shop – rows that now bear signs of clearance sale. National Avenue staple food displays are covered with neon “Store Closing” banners.

On April 5, owners Jerry and Jean Sanders announced that the 51-year-old company would close this year to allow them to end their working days. It’s a bittersweet decision and talking about the store closing makes the couple emotional.

“We’re getting older and there are things we want to be able to do while we can, so we decided it was time to close because we had no interest in anyone buying it,” Jean Sanders mentioned.

Jerry founded the shop in 1970 about a mile and a half south of its current location on National Avenue, near the Springfield Art Museum. He said he wanted to give Springfield artists – including his mother, Louise Prater, and aunt, Lucille Hammond – a place to shop. The sisters helped in the shop until 1981.

“At that time, there was no place in Springfield to buy art supplies – we didn’t have any of those great stores,” said Jerry Sanders. “That’s where it started, and it seemed to blossom from there.”

Needing space to grow, Jerry purchased the 6,200 square foot building at 509 S. National Ave. in 1986 – quadrupling the size of the store. The fear of not being able to fill the space quickly vanished as they found themselves expanding their inventory.

Since then, the store has provided art supplies, gift items, and personalized framing for Springfield artists and college students.

One such local artist is Moon City Arts LLC owner Linda Passeri.

“They have been a constant throughout my career as an artist, from the time they started in the little house down the street on National until the time they moved,” Passeri said. “I buy everything I can from them just to make sure I can invest the money in a local business.”

Passeri said the loss of National Art Shop will impact established and up-and-coming professional artists in the region. “They are still the touchstone. I always go to the National Art Shop and find what I need or talk to someone who could give me some great advice, ”Passeri said. “It will be a great void that they leave.”

In a 2010 Springfield Business Journal article, the Sanders talked about growing their website and online sales, which they hoped would increase their income. Over the past decade, the growth of online retail has exploded, particularly in 2020 with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although they said they were sure some business had been lost to the internet, Jerry and Jean said they had not seen a noticeable drop in sales related to online shopping or the pandemic. , other than the closure for six weeks. The couple declined to disclose the store’s income.

“The thing is, we have the merchandise and if you want it you can come and get it right away,” said Jerry Sanders. “And we do a lot of custom framing, and that’s something you don’t order online. It’s a big part of our business.

Passeri said there’s something about buying art supplies in person that you don’t get online that prompts artists to come.

“When you’re looking for a brush, you want to be able to touch and hold it. When you’re looking for papers, you want to be able to hold them and feel the weight, ”Passeri said. “I think we just took it for granted that they would still be around.”

Although the pandemic has resulted in some business closures due to economic circumstances, the couple said that was not a factor in their decision. Business was going well.

“There comes a time when you have to make that decision, and we just think the time is right to do it,” said Jean Sanders.

“We’re too old to work six days a week,” added Jerry Sanders. “You can’t get (Jean) to quit – he’s a workaholic. The only way to get her to resign is to retire.

Now that the closure announcement has been made, the Sanders are working with RFM Retail Consulting Inc., a firm specializing in promotional sales and exit strategies, to liquidate inventory starting April 8. Original artwork from Jerry’s mother and aunt, as well as furniture and displays, are for sale. They expect to close the final sales and clean the building by early June and at the moment they have no solid plans for the building or property after that.

Their greatest hope is that someone will want to buy it and continue to operate it as an art store. Jerry said they wanted to see the property sold to the right person.

As they prepare to say goodbye, Jerry and Jean Sanders think about the collection of friends they made in the store and saying goodbye to them is what Jean dreads the most.

“We made a lot of good friends,” said Jean, emotion in his voice. “But we will see them around us.”

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36 DIY interior decorating projects

Courtesy of Vintage Revivals

For over a year now, many of us have spent more time at home than we ever could have dreamed of. The advantage of being locked up? This ultimately allowed us to devote some time to DIY projects. Whether you’ve focused on storage space, organization, or just a somewhat drab apartment design that needs improvement, you’ve probably tackled at least one project. Here are the best ones we’ve done recently in case you need some inspiration to start a new one.


Painting a front door

Whether your front door is drab or in need of a new paint job, it’s not difficult to fix it to enhance your curb appeal. Here is our step by step guide, so you can have a front door that looks brand new in no time!


Painting a door inside your house

Don’t have a front door that you can paint? Try to animate a door inside your space instead. Here is our tutorial with tips on how to make your door a design statement.


Upgrade your closet doors

Cursed with the ugly, builder-grade closet doors? Try this surprisingly easy hack from our designer friend Keita Turner to give them a tailored look with just a few yards of fabric and a stapler.


Propagate a plant

Do you have plants at home? Good news: you can turn them into Following plants. Here is our step-by-step guide to growing a new plant with cuttings from an old one.


Make a comfortable window seat!

No sewing machine? No problem! This comfortable window seat was made using safety pins, all in under 20 minutes! Get the step by step guide here.


Swap in a cool door handle

It’s one of those little changes that have a big impact. With just 10 minutes and a screwdriver, replace those boring old door handles with something prettier. Here’s how.


Upgrade your lampshades

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that this expensive-looking shade was actually handmade using decorative paper found on Etsy. Yes, a custom lamp for just a few dollars. Here’s how to create your own.


Create a fake brick wall


Whitewashed brick walls

Or, perhaps, you prefer a more modern look that the exposed brick in your home cannot offer? Here’s a simple solution: whitewash the brick wall. Follow our step-by-step guide to achieving a finish you’ll love.


Make candles + soaps

These DIY kits from Craftzee allows you to create personalized candles, soaps and bath bombs in classic scents like fresh cotton and cherry blossom. Their pre-mixed bases are safe to use (read: no laundry mix) and include plenty to do for friends and neighbors. Buy here.


Make a set of seamless curtains

Want new window treatments but no sewing machine (or dressmaking skills) at home? No problem. I made this set in my apartment just using double-sided fabric tape. Get the tutorial here.


Set up closet shelves

If you like the look of a custom walk-in closet but want a cheaper solution for fitting them in, use shelving to create fake ones. Here, designer and blogger Victoria lee jones shows how it’s done in just three easy steps. Get more details here.


Give your furniture an aged look

Anyone who loves the antique farmhouse look will love this DIY. With paint, a sander, and a few other materials, you can easily turn any piece of furniture into one that would surely be approved by Joanna Gaines. See our step by step tutorial here.


Make professional quality curtains

If you can to sew, why not make professional level curtains? The founder of Stitchroom showed us how. Look here.


Cover an old device

Steal this idea from Danielle Rollins and spruce up your ugly devices with contact paper or vinyl wallpaper. Here’s how.


Marbelize your counters


Contain your pillows

Keep pillows and blankets contained in these adorbed pom pom baskets. Bonus: they could also serve as laundry baskets.

Get the tutorial on Sugar and Fabric.


Storage savings – without shelves

If the extra shelves seem too messy and cluttered for your walls, DIY pegboard. You’ll save extra space for vases, plants, mirrors, picture frames, etc., and warm up your space with the giant wood wall covering.

Get the tutorial on Retro Vintage.


Create a suspension space

No space to store your hats? Need a towel rack? Or do you just need the extra space to hang planters? This DIY ladder is not only functional, but also has all the cool industrial vibes.

Get the tutorial on I spy on DIY.


Show dishes

You don’t need a dresser (and in fact, if you have one, you’ll want to throw it away in favor of this one anyway), you just need some DIY A-frame ladder shelves. . FTW minimalism!

Get the tutorial on Retro Vintage.


Fake a laundry closet

No lingerie in your bathroom? No problem. Attach baskets to the wall for a place to store extra towels and washcloths.

Get the tutorial on My little home.


Label kitchen necessities

Use your favorite font to make sure your oil and vinegar bottles stand out on your counter and match your decor. These chic bottles were made using transfer foils and a Cricut Explorer.

Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith.


Hang up your books

This hack is great for thin children’s books. Keep all of their current favorites in one place by creating this hanging rack from felt, wood and twine. Even better? OK !

Get the tutorial on Table & Fireplace.


Store your keys

Never forget your keys again with this colorful wooden slice keyring. Paint the front in bright, vivid colors so you can’t miss it when you walk out the door.

Get the tutorial on Craft life.


Hang up your phone

We’re willing to bet your charging station is a messy mess, but there is a solution. Turn a bottle of baby lotion into a cell phone holder hanging from the charger. Now everything is in one place, and it’s much easier than a mess of cables.

Get the tutorial on Do it and love it.


Hide your dryer

Ugly and bulky dryers = not cute. If you do your laundry regularly and have a lot of clothes that just can’t go in the dryer, attach this DIY folding rack to an empty wall.

Get the tutorial on Gem & Em.


Slide your laundry baskets

Laundry baskets scattered around the house or stacked in your laundry room sound like off-decor nightmares, but don’t stress. A simple-to-build dresser lets you slide your laundry baskets in and out when you need them and store them between washes. Genius.

Get the tutorial on Ana White.


Organize the spices

Spices are hard things to store: magnetizing them can be expensive and takes up wall space. Storing them in your cupboards means you’ll be spending a lot of time rummaging for cumin. That’s why we love this trick so much: It’s an incredibly simple solution to a boring problem.

Get the tutorial on Reddit.


Color your keys

We’ve all been there: Which one is still the key to the backdoor? Paint each key a different color to make them stand out – using nail polish is the easiest method.

Get the tutorial on Pop sugar.


Making staircase shelves

Shelves can be pricey, so a cute, customizable DIY option is totally welcome. These shelving units are an inexpensive option when you are looking for plenty of wall storage.

Get the tutorial on Decoration school.


Store cleaners vertically

Shower caddies aren’t just for your shower. Use a tensioned shower cart in the laundry room to store your detergent, cleaning supplies, towels, and other junk.

Get the tutorial at Lowe’s.


Make a rolling vanity

This IKEA hack may be our favorite right now. Finding room for a vanity unit can be tricky, especially in small apartments, but what if you could roll that vanity around? It’s perfect.

Get the tutorial on Polka dot chair.


Clip your chargers

This super easy hack is about to make your life easier. If you like to charge your electronics on your nightstand, attach a binder clip to the side. Thread the charger through the clips and ta-da – your cord will never be lost under your bed again.

Get the tutorial on The pampered mom.

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