Or apply for credit in Belgium: personal loan and credit

You need urgent financing and do not know where to go to apply for a personal loan or any other form of credit.

And if you started by asking your banker for advice and knowing the chances of you receiving a credit for consumption after an analysis of your financial situation.

Indeed, many criteria come into play when it comes to defining the repayment capacity of a person wishing to borrow and it is better to talk with an expert in the field. Knowing the total of your usual income and expenses, you will better determine the amount of a monthly payment that you will be willing to pay to repay this credit.

Another solution, make a credit simulation on pret-simulation.be to find the best offer and make a request, you will know directly whether it could be accepted on the basis of your financial situation or review your need for money down.

But besides my bank, where can we ask for money for a personal loan or another loan?

Personal loan solutions and consumer credit in Belgium

Personal loan solutions and consumer credit in Belgium

In Belgium, the individual looking for a financing solution for his personal projects or any other investment has the possibility of applying to approved lenders or financial intermediaries.

This is the case for loan officers working on behalf of one or several lenders, but if you want to increase your chances of finding a better offer, it is better to seek the help of a credit broker. , an expert who will study your case and you sort out the many proposals from banks and other credit agencies that meet your needs.

Often, merchants can offer credit formulas to facilitate and accelerate the purchase of property. This is often the loan offer available at car dealerships or appliance stores.

Personal loan offers and other loans are also available on the internet where financial intermediaries or online banks do everything to attract the most customers with advantageous offers. On www.pret-simulation.be, we offer you an online comparator that will simulate your personal loan with different organizations from the amount you want to borrow and the repayment term.

The results of the calculation are presented in the form of a comparative table in which you see the names of the suppliers (all approved) and those of the types of loan requested, the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) taken into account, the cost of a monthly payment and the total interest. Ranking gives you the results by focusing on the cheapest interest rate, allowing you to choose the best offer by using other important selection features such as the cost of a term and the total of interests.

The main banking institutions and Belgian credit institutions

To allow individuals to improve their daily living comfort, personal loans and other consumer loans are available in several forms from banks and credit organizations located in Belgium. Among the main providers that will be offered to you after using our personal loan comparator, here are those that offer financing solutions adapted to the needs of consumers.